The rise of sanitized travel

Welcome to the day in the life of an airline traveler post-corona


SimpliFlying has mapped out over 70 areas on the day of travel that would change due to new demands of the travelers. Download the info-graphic or get the full report with details of the key changes in travel.

Welcome to the age of post-corona travel. The age of sanitized travel.
The report maps out over 70 areas on the day of travel and summarizes them in key stages of travel.


Virus-free travel

9/11 changed to travel completely with added security checks and longer check-in times. The impact of COVID-19 on air travel will be even more far-reaching when it comes to sanitation and cleanliness. After 9/11, just like people did not want to fly with weapons on-board a plane, after COVID-19, they would want a virus-free aircraft. This would result in even longer check-in times and a new layer for “health checks”.

Previously, passengers and those dropping them off could arrive 1-3 hours prior to departure. In the age of sanitised travel, only those travelling will be allowed to enter the airport, at least 4 hours prior to departure. Before they can be allowed in the departure area, they will either need to show their immunity passport or go through a disinfection tunnel and thermal scanners. Only if they are deemed “fit to fly” will they be allowed in.

Bring in the THA

Everyone flying in the US has heard of the TSA. Coming next, look out for the THA. The Transport Health Authority will need to ensure that passengers are screened before entering the airport. These operations need to happen curbside.

We strongly believe there needs to be one single authority sets global standards in the airport and on the flight –  this will have to be managed by ICAO, the WHO and ACI.  In an ideal situation, we want consistent health screenings and policies around the world because inconsistency will only frustrate travellers more and suppress demand.

In-flight janitors

After 9/11 many airlines introduced in-flight Sky Marshalls. Post COVID-19 we could see the introduction of the in-flight janitor, who especially on longer flights, will keep the cabin clean, especially high-touch areas like toilet door handles. Airlines like Emirates already has cabin crew specialized in cleaning the showers onboard its A380. Now, visible efforts towards cabin sanitation will need to be as it becomes a brand differentiator (like Delta Clean).

Travel will never be the same after COVID-19. Just like it changed forever, after 9/11.  Airline brands will need to adapt to ensure as pleasant an experience as possible, given the changes that are coming.

Special sections featured in the report by SimpliFlying:

  • The Touchless Cabin
  • In-flight janitor
  • The end of the 30-minute turn
  • End of the printed in-flight magazine
  • All bags to be “Sanitagged”
  • The THA: Transport Health Authority

Rise of sanitised travel


Source: SimpliFlying