200 GB version of wireless pendrive announced by Sandisk

Transfer and stream your files wirelessly without internet using Sandisk Connect app and 200 GB storage on this new pendrive


Pendrive, Flashdrive or USB stick whatever you call it, everyone has one or borrows one to get their work done – is still one the most useful tools in our daily tech kit. You probably will be carrying it with your keychain, or using it as an OTG for your phone with limited memory. As Wireless technology steps up the game eveywhere, SanDisk made sure that its line of pendrives take advantage of this technology. So forth, SanDisk announced a 200GB wireless pendrive, sadly with USB 2.0 called Sandisk Connect.

The Sandisk connect works exactly like your other plug-n-play pendrives, along with a nifty feature to transfer files wirelessly. Along with the announcement of 200GB version at CES 2016, SanDisk also announced the other versions of the pendrive ranging from 32, 64, 128 and 200GB respectively.


Check out the cool demo of SanDisk Connect and its App

By using SanDisk connect app you can stream to three different devices at the same time, and no internet connection required. You can set it up to create automatic backups of photos and stream music to your phone from your backpack or pocket for up to four hours courtesy of the lithium ion battery.

You can buy the Sandisk Connect 200 GB flash drive from Amazon for $119.99 right now.

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