Hands On GoPro Hero 4 Session, the smallest GoPro of the lot

GoPro Hero 4 Session + camera samples and Video footage with KTM Duke 390

GoPro Hero 4 TechTurismo

GoPro, everyone has heard of it, if not, then have probably seen a cool video recorded by it. Yes, its little late to get the hands on due to busy professional lifestyle. I somehow managed to get my hands on smaller, lighter and more versatile GoPro ever.

Most of the GoPro Hero 4 camera’s are rectangle in shape, but this fellow is in the shape of a cube. Its 1.5 inches long on every side and weighs merely 88 grams. It’s nice not to feel like you’re wearing the extra weight while mounting these things on various parts of body, to get that perfect shot. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery housing is at bottom and can last upto 2 hours of continuous recording. The battery is rated at 1030 mAh.


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Specifications of GoPro Hero 4
– Resolution: 8-megapixel
– Sensor Size: 1/3.2-inch
– Screen: 1.75-inch LCD
– Video: 1920×1440 @ 30fps / 1920×1080 @ 60, 50, 30, 25 FPS
– Lens Mount: N/A (fixed lens)
– Warranty: 2 Years
– Dual MIC setup

GoPro Hero 4 has only one button to operate and tiny 1.75-inch LCD with white font. There are bunch of cool and new cases designed by GoPro to take advantage of Hero 4’s smaller size. The smaller size also means you might mount your Hero 4 Session upside down, well you need not worry as Auto Image Rotation automatically adjusts the capture orientation to right-side up so there’s no need to flip your footage in post-production.

Now this is the first GoPro that I got a chance to play around, so I might not be able to compare live with other top performing GoPro Hero’s. But, I might be uploading and sharing Still Samples, Video Samples, Low Light Video, Time Lapses and Full review soon of Hero 4 Session soon.

Thanks to my good friend and my manager from previous company Madhukar Hiranya for providing some good footage from his GoPro Hero 4 Session.

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