2017 Flagship Killer? OnePlus three video rendering leaked

2017 Flagship Killer or a real 2016 flagship killer? Oneplus three to launch in Q2 2016


Alright folks, OnePlus One was indeed the only phone which captivated users by its Hardware and pricing. Although OnePlus Two sold more units than the OnePlus One, its crippled OS, despite of a great hardware, let down many of its fans. Hence Oneplus two wasn’t as well received by users.

OnePlus One when launched brought all the hardware with great build and probably more features when compared to the likes of Nexus , Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3. OnePlus One sold at nearly Rs 21,000 ($300) while the other phones with equivalent and less hardware sold at double the cost. Also with the way OnePlus one was marketed with the unique Invite system, it was really difficult to get a hands on the device. Till date OnePlus has never gone with mainstream advertising, the invite only system had people around the world scrambling to get their paws on an invitation.


This charm didn’t continue with OnePlus two at all, despite selling more numbers than OnePlus One. This ended up with lots of heat from the customers awaiting for fixing the problems or demanding a refund. Every new update which was released to fix a bug would lead to new bugs. The end result was the forum got flooded with customer’s anger and frustration where company could’t manage to address the problems. So, although company titled OnePlus Two as “2016 flagship killer”, it was killed by its own problems long before 2015 ended.

With OnePlus three (OnePlus 3) Carl Pei stated that, the phone will be introduced with an all new design. He didn’t spill much beans about specifications, but the phone would surely be powered by SnapDragon 820 processor with 4GB Ram, USB Type C with fast charging, a bigger battery and louder stereo speakers. The screen size should remain the same 5.5 inch with a Full HD 1080p or a Quad HD display. The camera might use Sony’s new 16 megapixel sensor with laser auto-focus. Pei also stated that this year US market will be very important for them, so 4G+ connectivity with all supported LTE bands should be included with NFC for mobile payments. The phone might be released in late Q2 of 2016.

Design of OnePlus three (OnePlus 3)

Consider the design as a pinch of salt, there might be chances of designed promoted by the fans. The Chinese startup OnePlus says it has 800,000 active forum users who support the Oneplus community and inspire the company’s design choices for its smartphones.

So will OnePlus 3 live up to the hype? will OnePlus 3 grab the same attention like OnePlus One did? Will OnePlus 3 be crowned the 2017 flagship killer or 2016 flagship killer? Will Oxygen OS be matured enough to breathe a new life in OnePlus Two and save OnePlus 3? Follow our social profiles and stay tuned to TechTurismo to find out more.


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