Qualcomm might be working on its new smartphone prototype

Qualcomm SmartPhone Prototype Is Already In Testing


Qualcomm is one of the leading chip manufacturing company for smartphones. According to the reports, Qualcomm is working its new smartphone prototype. Well, this is not the first smartphone prototype by Qualcomm, the previous one showcased the power of SnapDragon 810.

Qualcomm has been enjoying the most successful and powerful chip manufacturer until recently. The infamous heating issues with smartphones powered by Qualcomm’s last year flagship SnapDragon 810 chipset has been making quite a news and hilarious memes. Along with that, the pressure from the competitors like MediaTek’s new Helio series chipset, Huawei’s Kirin chipset, Samsung’s Exynos chipset and Apple’s A8 chipset have been toping the benchmarks.


Qualcomm cannot go wrong with the SnapDragon 820 chipset this time or else it would end up damaging the reputation to a great extent. Qualcomm’s new SnapDragon 820 does tops the charts in multi core performance but still lags behind in single core performance when compared to Apple’s custom A8 chipset. Qualcomm claims that the new SnapDragon 820 isn’t a heating furnace, only time will tell when users purchase these smartphones and use it in real life scenario.

Coming back to the prototype, this can be the smartphone with all latest goodies by Qualcomm & other latest technologies. This consists of a Qualcomm’s Quick charge 3.0, Force 3DTouch display and Qualcomm’s SenseID 3D Fingerprint technology, whoa what? As Qualcomm says it’s the mobile industry’s first biometric security platform based on ultrasonic technology. Still confused? Check out the video below

The prototype will be allegedly powered by SnapDragon 820 or Qualcomm’s new custom core processor, with 5-5.6″ Ultra HD display. Dual 3D camera’s at the rear and dual front facing camera’s with Adreno 530+ GPU and non user replaceable battery. The prototype as name suggests will not be available for sale.

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