This is the world’s most prestigious laptop! – Asus

  Asus unveiled new product in its laptop portfolio - namely, the ZenBook 3 at its Zenvolution event at Humble House Taipei on Monday. Asus aims it straight towards MacBook's heart with the ZenBook 3 saying...
Grand Mi Tour in Bengaluru,India

Grand Mi Tour at Mi Bengaluru

Grand Mi Tour was yet another awesome fan meetup at Mi's Indian home, Bengaluru. It was special to all the fans as it was Mi's 6th birthday! We had great time once again with...
how to change font

How To Change Font In Any Android Device?

For some of us here every aspect of our phone matters-putting shiny skins, cases, stickers too! Then why not something to do with the font of our phone. We look at our phones almost a...
OnePlus Three launch techturismo

OnePlus 3 will not be launching in the April 7 event

Well, you might have heard a lot about the release of the 2017 Flagship Killer (*ahem) on the 7th of April. But, hold on! Don't be excited yet! Oneplus has confirmed to Android Authority...
Hands on Xiaomi Mi 5 techturismo

Hands On Xiaomi Mi 5 India during Xiaomi Fan Meet Bangalore

Xiaomi VP Hugo Bara took the stage at MWC 2016 to welcome another much-hyped flagship the Xiaomi Mi 5. The device is already getting millions of registrations in China already, setting up new records...
Xiaomi Mi India Fan Meetup Techturismo

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: Mi Fan Meetup at Bangalore with other cities on Hangouts

Xiaomi Mi India Fan Meetup- it was indeed the first tech event that we attended as TechTurismoites and it was great to be there. Even though it was planned and executed in a very...

2017 Flagship Killer? OnePlus three video rendering leaked

Alright folks, OnePlus One was indeed the only phone which captivated users by its Hardware and pricing. Although OnePlus Two sold more units than the OnePlus One, its crippled OS, despite of a great...
Sony Xperia X series Techturismo

Sony Xperia X series – Xperia X, X Performance and XA is here

Sony's event at the Mobile World Congress was short and simple - they launched a new phone series, called the Xperia X. Meet the Xperia X, XA and X Performance the first three phones...
GoPro Hero 4 TechTurismo

Hands On GoPro Hero 4 Session, the smallest GoPro of the lot

GoPro, everyone has heard of it, if not, then have probably seen a cool video recorded by it. Yes, its little late to get the hands on due to busy professional lifestyle. I somehow...

Watch Xiaomi Mi 5’s Live launch event here | Xiaomi Mi 5 Live unveiling

Will Xiaomi Mi 5 live up to all the hype and expectations? After 1.6 years of wait, will it be really worth the wait? Let's check it out at 1:30 pm (Indian Standard Time). Watch...