Oopsy!!! Edward Snowden NSA whistlelower got hammered by 47GB of notification email

Snowden TWITTER techturismo.com

Most of us after registering to a new site would directly move on to explore the new Digital Space before heading to Settings. Its exactly like most of us ignore the user manuals and start fiddling around with the new phone instead.

Edward Snowden a Tech Expert, who is one of the most wanted men in the world (NSA whistleblower), who recently joined Twitter, seems to have done the exact same thing. Due to his large popularity and fan base around the world, he was buried by 47GB of notification Emails from Twitter. This clearly shows even the best can make mistakes.


FYI, Edward Snowden has a verified twitter handle @Snowden, with 1.35 Million Followers and Follows only NSAGov twitter handle.

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