NextBit Robin, World’s first cloud based smartphone now available to pre-order

Nextbit Robin techturismo

Tired of shelling out cash on memory cards? Nexbit Robin could be your life saver! Deleting data would be past as Nextbit’s ‘cloud-first’ approach helps you to automatically upload your data on to their cloud thereby making use of 100 gigs of free cloud storage.

The device that had made a lot of news on the web was previously available on Kickstarter for $299(for anyone quick enough to snap up an early bird deal) but now costs $399 and delivery beginning in next February.


The smartphone which runs on a modified version of android, ships with 32 gigs of onboard storage. But the smart bit is in the way in which Nextbit says it will manage that space by automatically moving rarely used files to the cloud storage from internal storage.

With many new entries to the smartphone market this year, we’ll have to wait and watch on how Nextbit will be convincing the market to try out Robin. But with nearly $1.4 million raised on Kickstarter and around $100,000 through its pre-order sale, the Nextbit Robin is definitely a smartphone to watch out for!


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