Forerunner for every runner,Garmin Forerunner 630


For every aspiring runner or Tri-athelete with an eye to improve his performance in terms of timing and splits, a great GPS watch is of utmost important and to rescue them of all these woes comes a GPS watch that Boasts of loads of features,from the family of Forerunner series comes the Forerunner 630 which is without doubt one of Garmin’s most capable running-specific GPS watches.But it comes up with only modest improvements over previous models and its nearly identical in appearance to the other lower-cost Forerunner 230,

What makes it more impressive is the fact about the Forerunner 630 is that Garmin has managed to physically shrink the watch while increasing the display screen which is amazingly beautiful. The Forerunner 630 is about 1.75 inches in diameter which is smaller than earlier versions – BUT it has a thinner bezel making the display screen larger. The resolution on screen has improved resulting in an easy to read and crisp screen. With a thickness of less than 1/2 inches it is touted to be the thinnest GPS watch in the Garmin stable.

The battery life is estimated at about 16 hours in GPS mode and 4 weeks in everyday/smart notification mode by Garmin which is a great 60% increase from its earlier model, the Forerunner 620.

If we look Beyond these physical modifications, the Garmin 630 isn’t very different from the Forerunner 620 as both the watches cater to stat geeks by tracking and processing tons of running data.As both the watches have a touch screen and color display these are the watches designed primarily for runners.

The feature lacking in both the models is the wrist-based heart rate monitoring and to use this feature you have to wear the HRM-Run, Garmin’s uniquely-designed heart rate monitor.If you don’t like wearing a heart rate monitor, then please consider a different GPS watch like the Forerunner 230 or 235 and if you seldom check your heart-rate and are content without this feature then Forerunner 630 is the way to go.

RUNNING Diagnostics

Ground contact is a measure of how much contact your feet makes with the ground (less is better!). Vertical oscillation is a tracking of how much your torso is moving up and down (less is better!). And cadence tracks strides per minute the more the merrier while having more than 180 is the goal Ultimately, and since these are interrelated, so if you improve one, the others should improve as well.

The battery-life and watch display improvements makes Forerunner 630 a winner over the earlier versions combined with touchscreen display,Combined with IQ Connect an app that shows your activities and compares with earlier ones having the potential to be a great motivator, the Forerunner 630 is a great choice.

The New Garmin Forerunner 630 has the features, battery-life, and physical characteristics to make it one of the strongest GPS watch contendors in the market and While some of the readers might find the sheer number of features and metrics to be overwhelming – if you love data and analyzing your workouts, there are few comparable watches.

So now lets find how this suits you

For those of runners from Intermediate to advanced will benefit the most from the advanced data metrics. The awesome thin design and a great battery life makes it a star but for the beginner, it’s just too much data.


The Forerunner 630 is compatible with a bike cadence sensor works decently to track time, speed, and distance. But there are lack of certain bike-specific features found on the fenix and Forerunner 920XT that are similarly priced.


It’s waterproof but won’t do more than work as a timer.

Battery-life: 16 hours GPS mode // 4 weeks watch mode
Waterproof to 50 meters
Color Display
GLONASS support

Time, Distance, Pace and Speed
Heart rate calculated calories
GPS elevation

200 activity hour memory

Auto lap
Auto pause
Customizable screens
Time/Distance audible alerts
Vibration alerts
Smart Notification (when paired with smartphone)
Music control (when paired with smartphone)
Live Tracking (when paired with smartphone)

Virtual Partner
Virtual Racer
Interval and advanced workouts
Running dynamics (when wearing HRM-Run)
Activity Tracker

Wirelessly downloads activites to a computer
Facebook and Twitter Sharing
Bluetooth (upload directly to a smartphone)

Heart rate monitor (including HRM-Run)
Foot pod
Bike speed and cadence sensor

Connect IQ
Personal Records
Time of day